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Engineering Services

Evolution 10 / Ralliart AYC / ACD pump motor overhauls

Evo 10 & Ralliart Pump Motor overhauls now available 


- Drive end and non drive end bearing replacements
- Brush replacements
- Rotor replacements
- Brush holder replacements 
- Connection modification

Service exchange available, contact us for a quote!

Solenoid Repairs

We are now pleased to announce our repair service for your broken valves. Simply send us your broken valves and all pieces. Upon receipt we will inspect and confirm the repair.


Broken pieces will be removed, new billet stainless steel necks inserted with new seals and fully tested on our inhouse test rig before being shipped back to you in a secure package. 


If you still have intact OEM valves and would like to upgrade to our billet stainless valves as a preventative measure this is also possible.


Contact us for a quote!


Sensor Testing

With our new custom built AYC / ACD Pump tester we are now able to offer a service whereby we can test your AYC / ACD Pressure sensors - we can do this for all models.


Contact us for a quote!

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