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Evo 7-9 AYC ACD Pump

Evo 7-9 AYC ACD Pump

Fully overhauled, tested and sealed Evo 7-9 AYC / ACD Pump
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    Unit has been removed from a low mileage car but have undergone a complete overhaul making it better than new. Work carried out: Strip down & fully cleaned. Shot blast outer parts (main housing, pump middle, motor top) Prime, Paint, Lacquer outer parts in silver. Strip motor, inspect and test windings, clean. Bore out pump middle outer bolt holes Rebuild Pump with new components; Seals Drive end bearing Stainless steel pump plate Shaft seal Stainless steel bolts throughout Stainless steel solenoid retainers Bearing clearance checked . Run and test pump on test rig, check for running pressure, solenoid pressure throughput (L & R AYC & ACD) Unit holds pressure. This pump has a small amount of metal missing from the housing which does not affect operation at all. Fully sealed unit with high temperature wax to prevent future corrosion and water ingress. Powder coated Pump bracket Assemble pump to bracket.
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