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AYC / ACD Bleed / Control Box Evo 10 & Gauge Set

AYC / ACD Bleed / Control Box Evo 10 & Gauge Set

£155.00 Regular Price
£135.00Sale Price
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution AYC / ACD  Bleed control box and running pressure indication kit Suitable for the Evo 10
  • Details

    An elegantly designed, hand made control box which enables you to test your AYC / ACD pump if you suspect a fault, test the pump to ensure a successful repair, and bleed the air out of the system when the pump has been fitted to the car. Bleeding should be carried out every 4500 miles in accordance with Mitsubishi’s recommended service schedule. Also contains the necessary adapters and gauge for running pressure indications, with fittings to suit Evo 10 / Ralliart. 1 x Evo 10 / Ralliart Sensor Adapter 3 x outlet blanks 1 x flexible line 1 x gauge adapter 1 x gauge 1 x Control / bleed box 1 x Evo 10 ACD Wiring adapter & Wiring sticker 1 x Evo 10 Power Wiring adapter & Wiring sticker
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